Getting through winter

I might be a grown-up (sigh)

I might be a grown-up (sigh)

I have to stop pretending and come right out and admit it. I think…I might be…ughghg…do I have to say it? I’m an adult. *shudder*

I just can’t fight it anymore. Not after this list of things I did today:

  1. Washed dishes
  2. Did laundry
  3. Folded laundry
  4. Put away laundry
  5. Put clean sheets on bed
  6. Read a piece of snail mail (an ad from the symphony)
  7. Picked out which concerts I will choose as part of my symphony subscription that I want to get now
  8. Took care of plants
  9. Put pills into weekly pill organizer*
  10. Worked on taxes
  11. Paid rent
  12. Engaged in brief face-to-face chit-chat about weather
  13. Paid credit card bill
  14. Refilled the liquid hand soap
  15. Looked at my gum recession in the mirror

Soon I will leave to go to a concert, and I will make sure to drive very cautiously because of the bad weather. When I get back, I might research some hotels (real hotels, not hostels or Airbnbs or my friends’ apartments) for an upcoming trip.

After that, I’m not sure if I should stay up really late watching movies and eating ice cream or if I should just embrace this whole thing and cook a pot of healthy soup for the upcoming week, then go to bed.

Time to leave for the concert. I’m going to go see if the fact that I’m an adult now means that there will now be galoshes in my closet.

*This behavior isn’t “adult” so much as it is “elderly”