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Hermione video game

Hermione video game

I found the Hermione video game that I made during college. It’s fabulous. Please enjoy.

I estimate that it’ll take approximately 5 minutes to finish.

3 tips for maximum enjoyment of your playing experience:

  1. Turn your volume on. That’s right — there are sound effects. We’re not messing around here.
  2. At one point, you will be confronted with a multiple-choice question. Try out the two wrong answers first in order to see some extra fun stuff. I know you’ll be tempted to pick the correct answer right off the bat, but try not to be such a Hermione.
  3. There’s one part where you have to aim her wand at some cups. This part really sucks because I did a bad job programming it. Just aim the wand in the direction of the cups (one cup at a time) and keep clicking/adjusting the aim until something happens (a green spiral floats onto the cup). Focus on where the wand is pointing, not where your mouse is. Sorry about the level of suckitude, but if you click around a lot you’ll get it eventually. And then something fun will happen!

All right, now that you’ve diligently read the tips, here’s the link. Just click the green flag on the picture to start it: Hermione game!

Have fun 🙂 And maybe you will get inspired to make your own Scratch game, too.